The Institute of Photonic Sciences

Center of Excellence in STORM

Providing dramatically enhanced resolution that is 10 times or better than that of conventional optical microscopes, N-STORM is based on the world renowned Nikon Eclipse Ti research inverted microscope.

The system incorporates CFI60 objectives featuring high numerical apertures developed using unique optical design, coatings and manufacturing techniques.  Constructing high resolution fluorescence images by overlaying single molecule images from localisation information of fluorophores detected with high accuracy and calculated from multiple exposures, the N-STORM is capable of multi-spectral two-dimensional and three-dimensional nanoscopy, with lateral resolution to approximately 20nm and axial resolution to approximately 50nm. It generates much more information from detection of single molecule fluorescence emissions without the need for time consuming serial section acquisition and goes one step further, extending the role of the optical microscope to near molecular level resolution.

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