The Institute of Photonic Sciences

Center of Excellence in STORM
Research Objectives

ICFO is a key European institute for photonic and light science, conducting cutting-edge, wide-ranging research – from telecommunications and information technologies to biotechnology, and including remote sensing, quantum information and industrial photonics. Research programs at ICFO target the forefront of science and technology based on light, aiming at providing new understanding, new solutions and new tools to tackle major challenges faced by industrial progress and by society at large. Healthcare research is targeted by an increasing number of unique techniques for advanced imaging and probing, early diagnosis and new therapies, including revolutionary nano-medicine concepts and minimally invasive tools.

The center’s interest in research into the role of microscopy in biomedical research is world-renowned. The annual ‘Light for Health’ conference attracts a multidisciplinary audience from hospitals, healthcare centers, biomedical research centers, universities and companies in an exchange of knowledge and experience that aims to extend the boundaries of knowledge.